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Back in the day, I was passionate about music & I recorded & co-produced some songs with my well-respected musician/producer friends for a major label in Asia. I have done backing vocals for pop music stars as well as doing my own music.


I have dabbled in acting for music videos & some print modeling. ​ I am now working at our family business which is ecommerce project management & health & fitness & wellness & nutrition & food ecommerce service. ​ What I'm not is a coffee drinker though I occasionally try it once in a while. I'm a fan of British movies & shows. I don't wear make-up & high heels anymore like I used to when I was doing music & it's liberating. ​


Now I've gone full techie mode & more focused on my family & just enjoying living a chill life & enjoying writing & other creative endeavors on my spare time. I will always live by my mantra "I am many things. No one thing defines me." I've worn many hats but I do enjoy content creation & vlogging on my spare time using my iphone. ​


I have a degree in Communications from Asia major in Public Relations & Entrepreneurial Marketing course from UCLA Extension & Financial Markets course from Yale University. Creating is my passion. ​ Traveling is one of my favorite things to do & just hanging out with family & friends & enjoying each adventure. ​ I'm a native Angeleno. I love green tea with lemon.

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