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Being a creative artist & a gifted child, JELLA NAGUIMBING has dabbled into her many passions in life after getting her degree in Communication Arts major in Public Relations & studied computer programming in Los Angeles City College & Entrepreneurial Marketing in UCLA, blending entertainment, arts & technology - from music to computer programming and creative design in her business. An only child & a multilingual that has traveled the world, she tries to mix her varied interests in most projects that she conceptualizes. She continues to evolve and reveal the many facets of her artistic & business endeavors. 


She aims to establish a scholarship foundation in the near future(to be named in honor of her parents), that will benefit the less fortunate so they can go to college, just like the other scholars she had helped with while she was in college, since she herself was given the privilege of being a university scholar under a senator's foundation before graduating high school but had to give it up to move to the big city so she can pursue her music career. She became a working student in the process & still managed to get her university diploma. She is blessed with 3 children and working part time in their family business managing online stores. Ever the optimist, she believes any challenge that lies ahead can be faced if one believes and has faith. And living with the principle "I'm not what I've done. I'm what I've overcome." She knows that as long as you have love in your heart, the best is yet to come.

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